A Passion to Paint

My art career has been a long winding road from my early days. I was recognised as having a talent for art whilst in school but only started painting seriously in my early 20’s selling original oils for £20 or £30 and thinking, “Haven’t I done well!” –  Well, I had, in that they were saleable, and that they led to other commissions. But not so well, that I was able to make a living with my art. I still had to go to my day job, to finance being able to paint. I think a lot of artists reading this will have been in the same position. When you speak to other talented artists, one of the major difficulties is not the artwork itself, but how much you dare ask for it. This is where selling to your family, friends and work colleagues is a real disadvantage. Instead of asking for the true value, you think about how much they will want to give you, invariably going in far too politely low.

I was painting and selling for small amounts for years gradually building up my portfolio, with the aim to build up a good selection for displaying in exhibitions.  I also did some work for amateur dramatic societies in Darwen and Farnworth. I got some recognition from this and was featured in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph alongside a 6ft tall replica playing card featuring the Queen of Hearts. The “wow” factor generated by this and my “backcloth scenery” was a moment to savour.  I displayed my work in various local exhibitions, with quite a bit of success.  The only problem was, I was selling all my originals.

Until I found out that making prints from my originals was a better way to bring my art to a wider audience. So I started investigating how to go about it . . . . . . . . .

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